Hochman Chiropractic

Personal injury information for attorneys:

Hochman Chiropractic, which has served the Naugatuck Valley Area for the past 30 years, is proud to work cooperatively with individual lawyers as well as large law firms. We are respected in both the medical and legal fields as chiropractic specialists who are competent, objective, reliable and reasonable. It is specifically because of our reputation that we are called upon to provide expert opinions and treatment for attorneys with both plaintiff and defense concerns.

Plaintiff attorneys know that when their clients use the chiropractic physicians at Hochman Chiropractic, they will receive excellent quality care, as well as meticulous medical documentation. Patients are treated using a multidisciplinary approach. When neurologic, orthopedic or medical pain specialists are medically necessary, we ensure appropriate referrals. Therefore, patients will receive a thorough diagnostic work up and be treated with the utmost quality.

Dr. Stephanie Tureck Hochman who graduated from the National College of Chiropractic often attends post graduate training in orthopedics, neurology, rehabilitation, radiology and occupational health. Dr. Stephanie is a noted expert regarding chiropractic care and has lectured to the New Haven Bar Association on relevant topics.

Our dedication and commitment to provide excellence in healthcare is manifested in every aspect of the office. Our staff is friendly and competent. The doctors recognize their role as both physicians and communicators of fact. The office is fully computerized in real time for thorough documentation purposes and instant record access. Our diagnostic facility is on site and we have advanced diagnostics including EMG, neurometry, Doppler soft tissue evaluation, Dynatron computerized muscle testing, and more for patient health and medical documentation needs.

Hochman Chiropractic shows compassion for accident victims. The office will hold letters of protection from qualified attorneys. This allows for patients to receive immediate, thorough medical diagnostics, physiotherapeutics and supportive documentation even if financial hardships do not allow for immediate payment.

Dr. Stephanie looks forward to discussing any of your clients’ cases, if the need should arise.