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About Dr. Stephanie Hochman

Hochman Chiropractic in Derby, CT provides quality care to patients through the expertise of Dr. Stephanie Hochman.

I am a chiropractic physician and I have had experience in the treatment of patients with injuries due to automobile accidents, work-related injuries, and sports injuries. I have earned degrees in chiropractic, biology, and anatomy. I attend seminars each year to keep current with the medical literature. I would like to tell you about the order of events once you become a patient in the practice.

- Dr. Stephanie Hochman

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Auto Injury

You might be suffering from neck pain, headaches, back pain, or even dizziness

Back Pain

Effective and safe treatment of back pain


Help your entire family have the healthy life you deserve

Headache Pain

Natural relief for many types of headaches

Neck Pain

Effective and safe treatment of neck and shoulder pain


Prevent sports injuries with chiropractic