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About Dr. Stephanie Hochman

Dr. Stephanie HochmanDr. Stephanie Hochman is a chiropractor in Derby, CT.

My name is Dr. Stephanie Hochman. I am a chiropractic physician and I have had experience in the treatment of patients with injuries due to automobile accidents, work related injuries and sports injuries. I have earned degrees in chiropractic, biology and anatomy. I attend seminars each year to keep current with the medical literature. I would like to tell you about the order of events once you become a patient in the practice.

In my practice, you will fill out some paperwork, of course. (Everyone just loves paperwork!) This is an important part of your file because it tells me about your accident, health history, work history and past injuries. Afterward I will take a history of your complaint and then perform an evaluation. Following these steps, I will determine what problem you have and make a diagnosis. Treatment will then begin. My treatments are gentle and effective. When your body is injured, you need to take the utmost care in performing therapies that are gentle and help your muscles and bones to function more effectively. I will take notes on each visit to document your complaints, treatments and road to recovery. If you have an attorney, I will send reports and notes to their office periodically. I am always available to answer your questions and tend to your medical needs. No question is unimportant. Our goal at the Hochman Chiropractic is to treat you the way we would treat family. You will be comfortable here, and we will take care of you.

Please call if you have any questions.
Dr. Stephanie Hochman, D.C.